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Laura Maud Dalzell (nee Mason) 1866-1944.

Laura Maud Mason was born at Birchdale in 1866 and was among the first pupils of Masons Flat School when it opened in 1881. She was taught dressmaking by her mother and worked in this capacity for people of the district.

In 1888 Maud married James (Jimmy) Dalzell, who had worked at Esk Head as a young man and was presented with a watch when he left there to be married. Maud and James lived at Birchdale after their marriage but soon moved to Medbury where they bought 100 acres in what was then known as Grays lane and is now Dalzells Road. Here Maud lived over the road from her sister Mary Pilcher. The Dalzell farm was later increased to 530 acres, and James also did contract work. Their house there was built of beech brought from Oxford Forest.

Maud and James had eleven children, all of whom attended Medbury School. During her final years Maud lived with her son Alan Victor and his wife, on the farm which Alan inherited on his father's death in 1937. Maud, who was remembered as a quiet lady, died in 1944.

Contributed by Alice Clayton and Ann Loffhagen.

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Laura Maud Dalzell (nee Mason)

First Names:Laura Maud
Last Name:Dalzell (nee Mason)
Place of Birth:Birchdale
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