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Helen McFarlane (nee Ewing) 1853 -1927

Helen was born in Stirlingshire, Scotland. She arrived in Lyttelton in 1884, and married Peter McFarlane within a few weeks. Peter McFarlane was Head Shepherd at Horsley Down, Hawarden, for fifteen years. When Helen Ewing came to New Zealand she had been engaged to Peter for three years. On arrival at Lyttelton in 1884 the ship was earlier than expected and Peter was not there to meet her, as he was out mustering. Meanwhile Helen was offered an alternative husband by a fellow passenger on the ship, who thought she would be a suitable wife for his farmer son. She declined, and Peter eventually arrived.

They had five children, all born while living at Birchdale, Masons Flat. All went to Masons Flat School from age five years to fourteen years: John born 27-8-1886, killed at war 1918; Anne born 27-11-1887, married J Dougal 1925; Catherine and Helen (twins) born 22-11-1891, Catherine married W J J Earl 1922; Helen married J Ewing 1926; James Malcolm born 24-3-1894, died at war 1917.

Peter and Helen bought a farm, which they called Hopetoun, when Horsley Down was cut up for settlement in 1896. The next few years were hard work to get the property into a working farm. Fencing, woolshed and stables to build, children still going to Mason's Flat School. As the family grew up and left school they went out to work and things got easier on the farm.

In 1910, they built a new Homestead on the property and life was more enjoyable. When the First World War started, the two sons went away never to return. Anne and Helen went nursing during the war. Catherine stayed home and helped on the farm.

When Catherine (Kate) married W J J Earl, they farmed at Surreyfield, Waikari until 1925 when Peter McFalane died, and in 1927, Helen McFarlane died. Catherine and Jim Earl bought Anne and Helen's share and farmed Hopetoun, and brought up a family of three boys and one girl. Hopetoun stayed in the family until 1992, when it was sold.

Peter and Helen are buried at Horsley Downs Cemetery

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Helen McFarlane (nee Ewing)

First Names:Helen
Last Name:McFarlane
Place of Birth:Stirlingshire, Scotland
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