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Private Frank William Lukey of Waikari- served in the Canterbury Regiment of the N.Z.E.F. Died of sickness, 20th August, 1915 aged 22 years. The son of Francis William Clark Lukey and Elizabeth Wood Lukey of Waikari, North Canterbury, New Zealand. One of 61 New Zealand soldiers buried at the Pieta Military Cemetery on Malta.

Frank William Lukey was born in Waikari, South Island New Zealand on 12 October 1892.

He underwent his medical examination on 14 December 1914; place not given, and he attested on 20th December 1914 at Trentham. On enlistment he joined, as a private, the Canterbury Infantry Battalion 3rd reinforcements. Prior to enlisting he recorded his prior military experience as a member of the Territorials 13th North Canterbury.
Note that while he attested on 20 December 1914 one of his files has him enlisted on 12 December 1914 and his service reckons from the same date.

His 'apparent age' on enlistment was 22 years.

Frank Lukey was a 'farmer by occupation' working for his father Francis William Clark Lukey at Morden, Waikari North Canterbury, New Zealand. He was single. His next of kin is recorded as his father.

Frank Lukey's medical description on enlistment was that he was 5 feet 5 1/8 inches tall and weighed 147 lb. He had a distinctive scar on front right thigh. His complexion was described as dark; colour of eyes light brown and colour of hair black. His religious profession was Church of England.

He left New Zealand on 14 February 1915 with the 3rd reinforcements (1,719 troops) on HMNZT 17 ('Maunganui') and arrived in Suez on 26 March 1915. He was inoculated against typhoid prior to leaving New Zealand on 24 January 1915 and again on 13 March 1915 on board the transport. While on board the transport he spent 13 days in hospital sick (nature of illness not given) and made a "complete recovery" just prior to arriving in Suez on 26 March 1915. However, for reasons not contained in his file on 12 June 1915 he was attached to the strength of the New Base depot at Mustapha and it was not until 9 July 1915 that he embarked on SS Minnewaska for Gallipoli. He rejoined his unit on 14 July 1915. On 16 August 1915 he was admitted to St Andrews hospital in Malta suffering from pneumonia, described as "dangerously ill" on 18th Aug and he died on 20 August 1915. He was buried the same day in the Pieta Cemetery Malta (grave no not available).

Frank Lukey had survived about 30 days on Gallipoli prior to his sickness evacuation to Malta.
Description of Frank W Lukey on Enlistment

Apparent age: 22 years - months
Height: 5 feet 5 1/8 inches
Weight: 147 lb
Chest measurement Minimum 34 inches Maximum 37 inches
Complexion: Dark
Colour of eyes: Light brown
Colour of hair: Black
Religious profession: C of England
Distinctive marks, and marks indicating congenital peculiarities or previous disease. Scar of front right thigh

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Frank William Lukey

First Names:Frank William
Last Name:Lukey
Place of Birth:Waikari, New Zealand