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The Leithfield quilt was made by Jenny Bryce, Jay Fawcett, Jos Brumby-Teale, Jo Main, Margaret Foster, Pat Corbett, Barbara Harper, June Coulbeck and Christine Beaton

This was an interesting projact and was undertaken by a group of women from the Leithfield Garden Club, which just proves that gardeners paint pictures more ways than one!

Leithfield has a number of buildings that contribute to the character of the village and we wanted to include these as well as some features to highlight the community around the village. The elements we have sewn are: 

1. Although no longer standing, the windmill had been a prominent landmark in the 1800s.

2. The small library building is well used and supported by the community.

3. We are fortunate to have a thriving school notable for its hillside position.

4. The old Leithfield pub, reminiscent of an English pub is well known beyond the environs of Leithfield.

5. Other older cottages are still holding their own in the village.

6. The church is an outstanding feature and is a serene corner of the village.

7. The playground and the children are an indication that this is not just a retirees village.

8. The surrounding area supports horse breeding, stock and arable farming, and small horticultural units all of which have been depicted.

9. Landscape features we incorporated are willow trees, the Kowai River and Mount Grey.                                                                                                        

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