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The Greta Valley Quilt was made by Vicki Trethowen

When I was asked to make a quilt to represent our area, I thought that meant Waipara where i have lived for the last 29 years. I thought that wouldn't be too hard as Waipara has a few notable landmarks. So I began with the Glenmark Church, the Weka Pass Steam Train, and the Waipara Valley Farmers Market. Waipara being the home of the Wine and Food Festival had to have a mention as of course did her many vineyards and olive groves, shown with the Triple Peaks in the background. The Boys Brigade is also a long established part of our community, and where would we be without Waipara Gardens. And since this quilt also reflects me and my two passions (theatre and quilting), Waipara would not be complete without a mention of the Hurunui Theatre Group which performs each year at the Waipara Memorial Hall.

It was about this time that I discovered that the area I was meant to be covering  also include Omihi and Greta Valley. Panic! While Omihi immediately brought to mind the Glenmark Rugby Club, Greta Valley's many charms were not greatly known to me. Fortunately I do have friends in the area who were able to educate me. Flaxes and the golf course were the first to get a mention, followed by Motunau Island and the beach. Fishing trips out of Motunau, deer farming, Greta Valley honey and most people's favourite: Greta Valley Transport. Bacause all three schools are so important to the area they all get a spot on the quilt, as does the wonderful library. Being the mother of two fireman I was not allowed to forget the Fire Brigade. I hope that looking at this quilt will bring as much pleasure to the viewers as it did to the maker, and that it will encourage everyone to discover all the many wonderful things that go to make up our Greta Valley Library area.

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