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The Amuri quilt was made by Jan Watkins, Carole Field, Voray Croft, Jenny Norton and Pam Price

There wera three instructions for the quilt: to be one metre square, to use autumn colours, and to be a snapshot of the area as it is today. This last bit caused tha most discussion - after all the past has made the Amuri what it is today just as we are a result of all our past days and years. We decided to use a geological map of the area as a basis (with permission from the Geological Society of N.Z.), using the two rivers and the two ranges as boundaries. The four main themes are the people, their farms, irrigation, and sport and recreation.

The word 'snapshot' probably gave us a way to proceed. Pam Price photographed the many buildings - work and volunteer services - which are found in the Culverden area. She superimposed the outline of a family to represent the people involved in these activities. Voray Croft did a naive collage of the farms to show something of the families' activities and lives. She used a piece of Swanndri fabric, added bee and cow buttons, trees for shelter, border dyke irrigation, and silage.

Jan Watkins was inspired by photos taken one summer that show the contrast between the two main types of land use in this area. She tried to depict this in an abstract way by showing the dusty colours of the traditional sheep farms contrasting with the green that water brings through irrigation.

The more relaxed attitude to sheep farming is represented by the raw edge applique', while the neat circles and straight seams on the green ashow the more regimented approach that is required for dairy farming.

Jenny Norton was inspired by our beautiful surroundings and has depicted the mountain ranges and rivers that border the Amuri, as seen on the map in the middle. She has tried to show the range of sport and recreation available.

Carole Field did the hand quilting in concentric lines which represent the land, the ploughing lines that used to be seen and the soft curves of hills and rivers. The lines may also be interpreted as looking like the isobars on the weather map, which show the strong Nor'west winds this area is known for.

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