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CONWAY RIVER:  Three suppositions have been made in connection with the origin of this name.  H.A.H. Insall suggested that it may have been named after the survey vessel HMS Conway.   Douglas Cresswell suggested that in 1849 or 1950 the officers of HMS Acheron may have named it as a tribute to Charlotte,  wife of J R Godley whose home at Voclas in Wales was on the Conway River.   Or it was named after Thomas Hanmer after the place where he lived in North Wales.   Therefore the consensus of opinion is that it originated with the Conway River in Wales.


HUNDALEE:  1939.  Named by John Tinline after Jedburgh,  a place in Scotland.

CLAVERLEY:  Named after Claverley,  Shropshire,  England,  meaning an opening in the forest where clover grows.

FERNIEHURST:  Named after a castle by the River Jed,  North Cheviot Hills,  Scotland.

PARNASSUS:  1912.  From a sheep run owned and named by Edward James Lee,  a classical scholar,  on account of a supposed resemblance to Mt Parnassus,  Greece.

SPOTSWOOD:  1911.  Maiden name of Richard John Seddon's wife - Spotiswoode.

PHOEBE:  Named after Richard John Seddon's daughter.

MINA:  1910.  Name after John McKenzie's daughter.

NONOTI:  This was a "flag stop"    Attributed to someone







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